News, recipes, information and helpful tips for living gluten free

News, recipes, information and helpful tips for living gluten free


About My Gluten Free Kitchen

Welcome to My Gluten Free Kitchen, a source of news, recipes, information and tips for people living gluten free.

Having lived with coeliac disease for several years, this website has been inspired by a desire to help others who have been diagnosed with coeliac disease, gluten allergy or intolerance – and their families, friends and colleagues.


About Sally

“I think you have something called coeliac disease, have you heard of it?”

It is difficult to forget these words first spoken by my gastroenterologist as I emerged from my post-procedure haze several years ago.

Well, I had heard of it and ‘it’ sounded particularly unwelcome to me.

My only experience of coeliac disease had been while dining with a large group of people at a Chinese restaurant.

Sitting beside me was a woman who introduced herself as a ‘coeliac vegan’ and I watched in amazement as she negotiated with the waiter, trying desperately to establish if there was anything she could safely eat on the menu.

I remember feeling very sorry for her and thinking what a pain it must be eating out.

So, as I waited for the news that would ultimately confirm my diagnosis and feeling sick and low on energy with a new born daughter, it was easy to feel sorry for myself.

The more I learnt about the coeliac diet the more overwhelmed I became.

As a dedicated and well-travelled foodie who had amassed a life-time of precious culinary memories from around the globe, I took it especially hard.

I pushed aside my passion for cooking and dining out and survived my first year eating bananas and coffee.

As the fog lifted and my health improved my interest in cooking returned.

I began to experiment in the kitchen, discovering new grains and delicious gluten free recipes my family and friends could enjoy.

As a journalist, I’d long been thinking of ways to combine my passion for writing and cooking.

It was after our youngest daughter was diagnosed with coeliac disease, that I knew a website – My Gluten Free Kitchen – was the answer.

I hope the content in these pages entertains and inspires your gluten free experience.

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